Broken Springs are what we do!


Can't lift the door? Garage Door really heavy? You probably have a broken spring.

Don't worry, you have found a company that does not charge an arm and a leg.  We do springs as low as $140!  Bigger companies like A1 and Precision Garage Doors charge $360-$450!

We only install Oil Tempered Springs

 Oil-tempered springs are made of high carbon steel wires, which are  filtered through a sequence of dies until the proper thickness and shape  is achieved. The spring is then run through a series of heating cycles  that are tempered with oil until the desired tension is reached. The end  result is a spring that's strong, flexible and durable. 

We offer High Cycle and LifeTime Warranty Springs.

Don't want your car stuck again?  Get the High Cycle Springs!  They last 20+ years!

All of our springs come with a warranty!

So relax.  They won't break again for another decade or two!